Originally created as a training workshop, Crossing Cultures Handbook provides all the needed instructions for facilitating team-oriented, cross-cultural engagement and outreach in your city.

Crossing Cultures Handbook is currently only obtainable by purchasing Eternal Impact, an outstanding 10-week introduction-to-missions course by Caleb Resources.

Benefits of Crossing Cultures
  • Many people find it virtually impossible to build cross-cultural relationships without some kind of accountability and structure. Crossing Cultures provides such a structure.
  • Crossing Cultures challenges participants to intentionally learn about ethnic communities by building relationships with local immigrants.
  • Crossing Cultures trains participants to apply ethnographic conversation techniques to help set participants and their ethnic friends at ease. It also encourages participants to follow up with people they meet on the street and build lasting relationships.
  • Crossing Cultures serves local churches by helping them further their vision for local and global outreach vision. It aims to fuel wider congregational involvement in a local church’s missions program. It might be combined with prayer walking and/or an existing outreach ministry or service project. By applying some energy and creative thinking, you could use Crossing Cultures to be an exciting and effective part of your church’s ministry.
  • Crossing Cultures can supplement short-term mission team training, providing practical experience before going to the field.
  • Crossing Cultures can be coordinated with multiple churches sharing a concern for ethnic neighbors in their area.

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